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Fredericksburg Virginia Wedding Photography


Here is my pricing list so we can see right away if your budget will go together with our services! No gatekeeping or anything hidden here! If I can make a recommendation-you will only have one thing left of your day and it’s photos but if you could add video, I would. The audio and motion of your day is just as powerful as images, trust me.


My sweet spot in photography is truly being a fly on the wall, that said I love to serve, so I will fluff that dress and guide you through photos! My hope is that you look and feel your best in photos. However, I am not the bossy pushy type, but like to lead as a gentle guide. You will receive images with you looking and smiling at the camera, but my style truly is more lifestyle photojournalist thriving on candids. I edit with a warm, bright style in mind, complementing skin tones, first and foremost.

How are images delivered?

I aim to give you a sneak peek (up to 5 images) within 48 hours and hope to deliver your full gallery within 2 weeks. You will receive a downloadable gallery with your high resolution fully edited images for all three of the pricing packages offered. This gallery can be shared with family and friend who may also download. We do not offer any prints, but you can purchase prints through the gallery.

How to book and when?

As soon as possible! Getting to know you and your hopes and dreams for your wedding day is one of our goals so please hit the “let’s chat” button below and let’s connect! Can’t wait to meet ya!

Small event focused

I primarily take on events that aren’t a full day, that is my sweet spot and specialty as I don’t use a second shooter. To assure we are a good fit, if you are doing a full day from morning late late into the night, I would suggest a wedding photographer that has a second shooter and gives you all the coverage. For us, we provide a half day coverage but you will find our packages provide more than enough to provide a very full gallery with hundreds of images! Additionally, if you have a special event that doesn’t fit one of our packages, please please contact me, we can customize a package for you!

fredericksburg Virginia wedding photographer
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