Session Questions {&} Answers

We specialize in creative, natural light lifestyle photography. Your portrait session will be personal, relaxed, impulsive, and spirit led, focusing on your inherent connection to your loved ones. We delight in the candid sparkle of raw life….especially the joy of seeing you shine!

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Q {&} A

What can I expect, I’ve never had custom photography done before?

We love shooting on location and love it even more if you get involved in choosing locations that have meaning to you or bring props that can be incorporated into the pictures. Either one or both of us will meet you at the agreed location and we typically shoot for 45 minutes to an hour per session. It will be a purposefully relaxed time of hanging out, letting your children play and be themselves, along with a good amount of posed pictures. When your children are playing and possibly getting those pretty clothes messed up, let it go! The best pictures and expressions come out of them when they are having fun, promise. Again, we specialize in lifestyle photography which is a very photojournalist approach and thrives on spontaneity and capturing raw real moments.

What to wear?

We have created a Pinterest board with inspirations to get your creative fashion juices flowing! A good rule of thumb, although tempting, don’t match. Throw on as many colors, textures, accessories, and layers as possible. This may seem silly, but looks amazing on camera. Feel free to coordinate your children’s outfits, but think of things going together rather then matching, you’ll thank us later! Check our post: “What to wear for family photos in 3 easy steps”

I’m ready to purchase a session, what next?

If this is you, we are thrilled and can’t wait to meet you! You’ll want to click on the tab “Contact” in our menu bar and shoot us an email detailing what kind of session you want, where you’d like your pictures and any other questions. We will set a date and meeting time for your session. Then following your session within 7-10 days your full online gallery will be ready to view in which you can order prints from and download your high resolution images. The full online gallery is where you may purchase any prints or canvases, which are not included in the photo session price.

I’d like a newborn session, where do we meet?

I specialize in lifestyle newborn photography which includes some posing as well as natural candid shots with parents and siblings which are included in the session. Please note the best time to get newborn pictures are between 7-10 days old to ensure those sleepy curled up poses. This time-frame is key to ensure all the newborn poses, after 10 days I may not be able to achieve all poses. I do all newborn sessions in your home, your own comfort zone. I find the largest window, set up my portable heater and bring my bean bag, hats, buckets, baskets, and tons of knit wear as well! For best results, feed the baby a half hour prior to our arrival and have them down to a diaper. The session may last up to 3 hours with posing, changing, and feeding, but I promise you will treasure these images for lifetime.

What is lifestyle photography?

This is our favorite and specialty! Essentially lifestyle photography is capturing you living your life. For session purposes I usually suggest doing an activity together that you normally enjoy as a family or one of your children’s favorite things to do like playing at a park or trimming the Christmas tree. Other ideas could be baking cookies together, playing at a splash park, your child’s birthday party, or even tub-time. These are perfect examples of everyday events and occurrences that make up your life, but are hardly ever captured on camera! LIfe is really made of the messy bits in between. I strongly encourage you to book one of these sessions, your children are only young once and allow us to capture you (especially you mommas out there) in the picture. My two favorite sessions this year were a tree trimming session and a coloring book session, so sweet and simple and might I add relaxing. When you are simply doing activities you enjoy with your kiddos, it’s much easier to relax in front of the camera.

Why is custom photography so much more expensive than chain studios?

Great question! In custom photography you are paying photographers for their time, effort, and talent. Following the hour long session or so the photographer then spends a good 2-3 hours editing and retouching every single image you receive. Then fees for websites and online galleries must be covered as well. You are receiving a product that is customized to your family capturing your family interacting and loving each other, something that is impossible to do in a studio setting at a mall. Our goal is for you to be blown away by your images and feel like its Christmas every time you look at them!