Bathroom renovation with standing tub

Undertaking a home renovation project is often a thrilling yet daunting experience. From envisioning the transformation of a space to navigating the intricacies of construction, every step brings its own set of challenges and triumphs. Our journey with our master bathroom was no exception. Converting a room devoid of plumbing into a luxurious oasis was an endeavor filled with excitement and occasional setbacks. However, with the expertise of custom home builders Sydney, we were able to turn our vision into reality. The process was a testament to the artistry and skill of those involved, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Yet, like any project, there are always minor adjustments one might consider in hindsight. Despite this, the journey itself was nothing short of extraordinary, and the results speak volumes about the craftsmanship of our chosen custom home builders in Sydney.

Things I would change

This is our master bathroom and it was quite the endeavor taking it from it’s orginal room which had no plumbing to where it is today. Let me be clear- I love love love how it came out but there are a few small changes I would make if I could do it again.


This bathroom was done by a contractor associated with the Home Depot. Overall the job was amazing. During the design process, I came to the table with my design and they had theirs, we went with their pitch and I didn’t notice at the time there were only going to be can lights. The design pitch was given over zoom due to the pandemic, if I could do it again I definantly would have put a hanging light fixture over the tub for ever more wow factor. Fun fact, we ended up using my original design because theirs included moving a header adding an extra 2K, so to stick to your guns my friends.

Paint color

Secondly, the paint color of the room is wrong!! Not their fault though- just a weird color due to lighting. The paint is the same color as our master bedroom which we love and chose it for the bathroom as well since it’s the room adjacent. The biggest goal for our overall home was consistency throughout the house. So I ran errands for the day and came home to the paint color already finished looking a distinct yellow instead of our creamy off white like the master bedroom! We will eventually change it, but for now it’s good and we are tired! Ha!You can also find house painters in FL to get the best painting services.


Following the demo process of the bathroom, it became clear that the wood beams orignal to the room were a very present element. These features were barely noticeable in the before pictures. However, since we went with a company that had us sign a contract before anything begun, I was stuck with my original vanity pick, not a bad vanity, but not a vanity that highlights those old beams. I would have loved an old antique wood vanity tying the beams perfectly. But I am content and learned some great lessons of the design process. In short, if you like to change design and are a see- it -then- decide- kinda -gal like me, go with a general contractor who can make changes on the fly!

Here are the before, during and afters of the master bathroom!

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