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Learn your DSLR in 3 days!

Welcome to Learn your DSLR in 3 days, 1 day or as long or as little time as you want it to take!  Before you dive into the videos, view the first 3 in order and the last 3 are bonus material! Simply click on the image to go to the video and don’t forget to download your cheat sheets linked at the bottom.

I would love and appreciate your feedback, feel free to email me or find me on social media! @mariaejohns (insta) bow and arrow photography on fb!

Enjoy! and remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, practice, practice, practice!

Cheat Sheet Shutter Speed 

Cheat Sheet Aperture

Cheat Sheet Iso

UPDATE*** the mirrorless camera I now use is the Canon M50, almost the same as the M5 just newer with a flip out screen and updated processor. LOVE it as well as enjoyed the M5. But the M50 is newer and cheaper!

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