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I’m a bit of a self-professed foodie, which means to me, I LOVE food. I will try anything for the most part and get excited just thinking about food. My 1 year old feels the same way, but my 5 year old not so much. I blame my food obsession on my Italian blood, it’s just in me! My mom says I used to eat tomatoes with zucchini as a baby, too funny!
So when a dear friend starting talking to me about the health benefits of an alkaline diet and how cancer cannot grow in that environment I was all ears. My first year of nursing I worked as an oncology nurse and I barely survived, heavy sad stuff. Then losing my Dad to cancer still shocks me daily. As a nurse for almost 10 years (yikes) I’ve dealt my fair share of drugs to people and its tiring, trust me. So if we can conquer cancer through the right food we eat, sign me up.  
Your body works to maintain a certain homeostasis requiring a specific ph level. If you eat too many acidic foods you are more susceptible to allergies and disease. If you can favor alkaline foods such lots of leafy greens and fruits you can help you body achieve that balance easier and fight off illness. Resources mentioned a 60% alkaline 40% acidic. Here’s a chart to highlight some alkaline foods:
And more of a food list here!
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