Best baby products for the first month

It’s safe to say the first month home with baby holds the most challenges even for seasoned mommas especially due to all that sleep deprivation. Here are 6 products we could not have lived without for our first month with Shiloh!

White noise dome-This thing goes everywhere with her and I use it for every nap she takes. I find it particarly helpful to even just calm her belly pain, life saver.

Halo Sleep Sack– Turns out not all sleep sacks are created equally. I orderd two packs on amazon (two different kinds) and one set doesn’t snug her tight enough because the velcro is only in a certain spot on the backside. If you have a small baby like mine this is a problem because they can easily get out of it! The halo sleep sack solved all our problems becuase the opposing velcro is all over the backside making it perfect for all babies no matter their size plus it’s fleece helping our tiny nugget stay warm which helps her sleep longer. Win- win.

Burp clothes– I have two favorites-this white muslin pack from amazon, so soft and great value. Secondly, the muslin pack from H&M are the perfect size for small babies, not too big, not too small. We use them for everything.

Zipper Footies & Knotted gowns- These two types of outfits are essential for the first month because all the eating, feeding, and changing requires quick access. I thought I’d have so much fun putting her in a cute outfits this past month, nope. No time for that and super impractical when you are a zombie taking care of them around the clock is the name of the game in the first month. Do yourself an extra favor and get the double zipped ones (zip from top & bottom) from Old Navy or Carters, clutch for the middle of the night changes. And be sure to get the gowns that tie at the bottom rather than cinch, much easier in my opinion.

Owlet– This is an expensive but worth it product in my opinion that everyone may not need. Its a sleep sock that measures baby’s oxygen and heartrate during their sleep. I decided I needed this stat once I was getting up every few hours just to make sure she was breathing. Now I rest much easier knowing it will alarm if her vitals drop below a safe level. It’s paired with an app but if you aren’t app savy the base monitor it comes with will literally play an alarm and turn red to alert you. Genius. It’s a great product, well designed, and fool-proof. Five stars. P.s I got mine at the exchange which is the older version(owlet 2) so it was much cheaper.

Taking Cara Babies Newborn online course– This baby makes three and I still needed this course and boy am I glad I took it. Shiloh is already doing 5, 6, and even 7 hour stretches at night thanks to this class. I highly highly recommend Cara’s course, check out her instagram for more info.

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