Lessons in photography

I’m still a total novice, but thought I’d share some things I’ve learned along the way about my beloved camera! I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II and its total love. I did start with a nikon D60 and can say nikons are equally amazing. Honestly I’ve learned the most about my DSLR from blogs and articles, but I’ve actively sought how work the settings in my favor to ensure the best shots. I shoot fully manual  meaning I set my own aperture, shutter speed, and iso. These three create a love triangle that when mastered can make beautiful music! Lighting is everything, aim to shoot in the golden hour of sunrise and sunset. So whenever I catch Gideon in a good mood or distracted enough by the chopped tree down in our backyard, I take advantage!
Shooting kids can be tricky, its most effective if you give them sort of activity so they don’t notice the camera!
By the way, I shot these pictures almost midday, which is very harsh and bright light, not the best time.
Look for texture, its really amazing on camera.

 I couldn’t get over the beauty of sap on the tree, such a simple thing makes for a pretty picture.

 Think about angles and how many ways you can look differently at something.

The fail-safe smile is always a sure thing.
Momtog, I heart faces, and inspire me baby are some of my favorite photography sites!
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