4 Reasons to have a micro wedding in Fredericksburg Virginia

Im absolutely here for the elopement/ micro wedding trend! If you are wondering what it’s all about, allow me to give you reasons why a micro wedding may be a great fit for you!

Save Money

The number one reason to consider a micro wedding is to save money! A micro wedding is ideally under 50 people. Right off the bat, feeding less than 50 people will save you a ton of money, allowing you to put more money towards flowers and photography for your special day! Or towards a house or bigger honeymoon trip!

Less Stress

A smaller event means less stress ideally! You are dealing with less people, less vendors, and keeping things as simple as possible. If you want to go uber simple you could do an elopement which is quite simply- the bride, groom, officiant, and photographer! That’s about as simple as it can get, ultimately saving lots of money and stress!

Easy Planning

Which brings us to our next point, easy planning! If there is a a lot “less” to plan, things fall into place much easier, bringing more joy and ease of mind! With a micro wedding, the planning is relatively simple, so you most likely don’t even need to hire a planner and can do it all yourself!

Fredericksburg Virginia wedding photography

One Photographer

This is a big money saver right here! With large weddings, typically 8 hours of coverage you really rate a second photographer which will cost you more. But with a micro wedding, usually equaling less time, you only need one photographer to capture those big moments! I would still recommend tagging on video though as the audio and movement of the day is something to truly be treasured!

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