Okinawa Japan Gluten-free guide

Don’t get older because if you do strange things can occur. Your gut may decide it can no longer tolerate pasta or bread the minute you set foot in ramen- heaven Japan, the nerve?!
Gluten free in Asia is quite the challenge, as you know gluten is in everything but more over I can’t read labels here so its pretty risky business in the grocery store and eating out!
These are my favorite gluten free dishes from my beloved Okinawa!

***Disclaimer- I am not full blown celiac and can tolerate micro glutens, so please do your due diligence in asking these restaurants to assure they are completely gluten-free before ordering!.***

Tacos & Coffee

Tacos! Be sure to request corn tortillas for their tacos, also beware their vegan cheese as flour in it.

Aien Coffee & Hostel

Guac and corn chips. Go here for their coffee and taco rice as well. wonderful atmosphere, decor, and location at sunabe Seawall. (you may have to get the taco rice without the sauces, always ask about gluten content; it didn’t hurt me but its different for everyone)

Mos Burger

You guys are missing out if you haven’t darkened the doorstep of this gem. Its fast food but stay with me-they are the only fast food place (I know of in Okinawa) that has an allergy sensitive section of their menu, a true rarity in Japan. I order the little gluten free sliders, heads up-get two, they are tiny! If you aren’t gluten-free I beg you to try their classic Mos cheese burger with the tomato and magical chili sauce, it will be your new guilty pleasure, promise.

Doesn’t Matter Espresso

Gluten free pancakes

Photo via instagram

Tami’s Cafe

Highly highly recommend this gem of a cafe, serving up both vegan and gluten-free options that are clearly labeled on the menu! The gluten free green curry is absolutely crave-able as evidenced by my frequent visits!

Awa Tacos

Quinoa salad


Donuts & Gluten free grain salad!

Little Greek Kitchen

Ask for gluten free items.

Nepal Spice Kitchen

Gluten-free curries, be aware the naan bread is homemade in the same kitchen.

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