Our Day {in pics}

Yesterday was so unbelievably FULL, that I had to illlustrate it for you in pictures…..
First we began with loading and moving stuff out of Dad’s house onto the Uhaul trailer for the  150 mile trek to our storage unit. I am now fully convinced that having more stuff equals more work! (not a fan!)
Next, the 3 hour drive that turned into 6 hours…thank you washington D.C traffic on a Friday…grrr. Time to unload stuff into storage unit….that is until, we get a third of the way done and realize our choice unit is too small, this time learning that more stuff now makes me angry!
I mean, who can round those 90 degree corners with a couch?!

With aching backs and muscles torn, onto next mission…returning uhaul trailer…..ut oh, can’t get it off and the store is closed…grrrr. Que lightbulb going off…..ohhhh, the trailer must be straight in- line with the car to unhitch!! Eureka! Now, watch in complete entertainment as a five foot nothing girl and Marine unhitch trailer from the suv. Trailer comes off and proceeds to roll down hill, woops forgot the “chocks” aka large rock to wedge behind wheels. NOW watch in utter horror as Marine prevents trailer by himself from rolling down hill as small girl makes 50 yard dash to nearest rock! 
At last, onto dinner…FOUND: Scrumptious rockin cafe (no, really they have live music!) with gourmet and child friendly food all within biking distance from our new home, score! 
With our batteries recharged, we must check out the progress on our property and to our delight so much is complete and cherry on top, we met our neighbors who couldn’t be friendlier!
{friendly neighbors!}
At last onto our hotel for a good night’s rest, well, that is, after we go to the wrong hotel first going 10 extra miles in the opposite direction to find the right one, my bad! (he he) Hubby not amused by this point,  all in a day’s work and were EXHAUSTED!
image via dalla
all other images via flickr

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