I want to be like Joseph

Came across the story of Joseph in Mark Batterson’s newly released book, Primal. It is so revolutionary to me, I must share! For those unfamiliar with this biblical character’s colorful story, here it is in a nutshell. He’s cast out from his family for being the beloved and slightly bratty favorite dreamy child (great lesson of what NOT to do as parents!) then falsely accused and thrown into jail. While there meets two characters named the cupbearer and baker. Now, you can imagine at this time the exhaustion, frustration and anger Joseph must feel, but instead he notices one morning his inmates “looking sad” (Genesis 40:6 ) and asks them why? Your thinking so what big deal? Well, IT IS!!! Instead of wallowing in self pity he somehow rises above his own situation and has compassion on others. His moment of compassion actually changed the course of history because he goes on to interpret their dreams and a few years later is recommended to interpret the pharoah’s dream. He wins the favor of the Pharoah and earns a high position of administration! But it doesn’t end there, my friends, the interpretation of pharoah’s dream, predicting a pending famine, allows Joseph to store up food, averting disaster and starvation sparing Egypt. Joseph’s own family finds a safe haven in Egypt and becomes the nation of Israel during that time. And hundreds of years later guess who is a descendant of Joseph and born in a small village called Bethlehem?! (Jesus!)
All potentially because one act of compassion, such a rich lesson for me!
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