Okinawa Memory Quilt

Here it is at long last…it is finished, well sort of, I still have the monumental task of putting it together….arrrggghhh!!! This is the project that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends… Below are the glorious captions of all the okinawa memory quilt squares crafted together by my dear sweet friends. What a momento of the amazing sights and sounds of Okinawa and friendship shared in bible study, a quilt I will cherish for years to come, that is, whenever I finish it!!!!

Britt-Sushi. Oh, sushi, how i love thee….let me count thy ways.
Me-Taiko drum. Love the sound of this forceful instrument played at most festivals in Oki.
Kathy-the micro japanese car, this one brings a smile to my face everytime!
Tina-Torri gate seen at many entrances in Japan.
Breeanna-Kimono-gorgeous, looks good enough to wear!
Rebecca-Fish and Coral-perfect square for my sea, sand, and salt water-lovin friend.
Delesline-Geta shoes worn with the beautiful kimonos, so appropriate for D, considering her love of flip flops!
Heather-Akebana (hibiscus) Okinawan flower seen all over the island. love the green felt piece.
Me-Bible Study with coffee!
Breeanna- My true to Life baptism scene at Kadena Marina….Im speechless, B-thanks so much.
Heather-Map of Okinawa
Heather & Britt- Pineapple….very prevalent on the island, my favorite is eating all the delicious free samples at the Pineapple winery….delish!
Kristen- Sanshin. “The Okinawan instrument heard and sold everywhere, not my favorite sound in the world, but quintessentially okinawan.
My Kokeshi dolls……I love love love kokeshi dolls, not so much my depiction of them here though!
Susan- Shisa Dog. I am not worthy, the craftmanship here is BEYOND!!! 
Tina-Japanese and American friendship depicted here.
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