Bento boxes

There are many things I will miss deeply as I approach our move from Okinawa, one of them being the bento box! The Japanese style lunch divided into cute lil compartments is cheap and healthy, my favorite combo! I essentially feed myself and Gideon for under $5 with these genius japanese inventions, delish. I’ve read they even have decorating contests with these culinary creations, quite the art form (see some contest entries below!). A refreshing departure from a big mac and supersize fries, dont ya think?!!

2008.04.15 :: bento diary :: tax day bento (vingt_deux) Tags: umbrella wow lunch tears tomatoes wrap sandwich delicious foodporn chopsticks peas raindrops bento taxes kiwi iatethis obento pastasalad cuke taxday iwantsome 3interestingness moldedegg abigfave bentonouveau bentodiary ghettoonigiri themanwantsmymoney themanhasmymoney iwantmymoneybackfromtheman bentodiaryday4

Miffy bento

Miffy bento by Chaya!.

Anpanman Bento

Anpanman Bento by LoveBones.

sakurako bento

sakurako bento by Sakurako Kitsa.
Opera House and Sydney Harbour
Opera House and Sydney Harbour by Sakurako Kitsa.

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