Camera Q&A and my camera bag

I’ve received a few questions regarding photography lately, which amuses me because I’m nothing near a pro and learned everything from the computer. With DSLR cameras so affordable these days it really is pretty easy to take a great picture. Here’s some tips I’ve learned along the way and some questions answered! I felt led to share freely because I’ve gained so much knowledge from those who have shared on their blogs!
1. Change your viewpoint:
Nine times out of ten I’m on the floor or squatting down when I’m taking pictures, mostly because I’m capturing kids (my fav) and it makes the photo more interesting when you get on their level. Try to change your perspective as much as possible, think of as many different angles and even angle your camera too!
I’m squatting down just like he is and the weather was cloudy which makes pictures taking easy, no fussing with shadows!

2. You don’t need flash inside:
You will if its dark out, but if your inside open the doors to your house and take your kids pictures in front of there! Natural light is the most flattering. I’m not against flash completely in fact I just bought one but if you have your camera set on auto the flash will flip up and you may not need it. Inside doesn’t always mean must use flash, contrary to popular opinion. When you shoot in auto the camera decides how to take the picture. Read your manual. I NEVER read manuals typically but I read mine and learned a ton. Shooting in manual takes practice and technical knowledge, but if I can learn it you can too!When you shoot in manual (dial pointing to M) you tell your camera the scenario and program it according. If your inside and you don’t want the flash look, turn the iso up on your camera and this will give more light to your picture without looking washed out, it will add more grain though too. 
This was shot inside a soccer fieldhouse, the light was pretty good, but I did put my iso on 640 (no flash) and because my camera is so amazing there’s not too much notable grain.
3. Lighting is everything:
The best time to take pictures is early in the morning and 1-2 hours before sunset. Find the light, pay attention to shadows and try to avoid picture taking at noon, its is the most unflattering and harsh light. If your taking pictures inside of your kids at home, again position near the light. 
Shot this just after sunrise, practically laying down on the track!
My camera bag: I became hooked on photography when I got my first DSLR a nikon D60, then I upgraded to a canon 5D MarkII. My lenses are the 85mm prime lens and the 24-105mm zoom. People ask me which camera and lens to start? I would suggest the nikon 3100 or any of the starter canons. I only switched to canon because the lens were slightly cheaper. Both companies are amazing. Try to avoid the buying the kit lens with the camera and opt for either a zoom or a prime lens like 50mm. I will tell you my 85mm is what is on my camera 90% of the time, its amazing and I’m so in love. Oh and I edit with lightroom and photoshop.
If you have any other questions fire away in the comments and I will be happy to answer!
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