The boys are back

So I have a running joke with Adam since I’ve never actually seen him fly a helicopter, I’m not so sure he really does ( I know, Im a brat!) Well, today seeing was believing and I actually saw him fly in, land gracefully, and walk out of that bird with a cowboy hat on and all, so bold. Not so sure it went with his outfit, but what do I know, Im just a yankee from the North!
 This return was extra special because its his last deployment here in Okinawa. Once we are stateside and he’s giving Obama a lift he will deploy more frequently but shorter lengths of time. For me, those are my opportunities to be a nurse (if I still remember how?!) figure out how to mow the lawn, oh and blog!
Here they come, he’s the second one!
Livie cheering on her Daddy.
Gideon’s face when he saw the helicopter formation!
Bryson turned 1 today and had the perfect birthday present, Daddy home… sniff sniff.
D and Bryson waiting…
Ok, first grab a tissue. Now, this is Livie running a 50 yard dash into her Daddy’s arms. I could barely capture it on film because of the large lump lodged in my throat.
Ahh, finally, a full embrace.
sweet kissing
Ryan’s arms are full of little lovies!
Here comes Adam walking toward me, this is where I regress back to high school and my heart beats faster and my palms sweat, its so ridiculous!
I pretty much steal the first kiss from Gideon, I’m greedy like that!
Daddy and Giddy embrace
Daddy teaching Gideon the ways of a stetson!
My burning hunk of love!

The sea of green is the pile of luggage they must wade through to find their stuff, true military fashion.

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